Wednesday, December 9, 2015

WorkWear: Canadian Retailer Edition

Well, hello there. Yes, its been an unfortunately long period of time since I've last posted, but I have a perfectly valid excuse called life. Between moving back to Toronto and becoming an official adult out of school-  life has been nothing short of busy. And since work is 90% of my life, and I work at a courthouse, I have to wear "office clothes" - including a blazer - every. single. day.

My new lifestyle has had me confused about how to proceed with my blog. In my semi-retired state I feel I don't have all to much to offer especially when all I really wear on a day to day basis is work clothing.

As a young professional I've been looking for office clothes that are professional but still reflect my personality and age demographic. Since starting my new job I've had a complete wardrobe overhaul and I found myself purchasing mainly from a set of stores I was surprised to be shopping from - Canadian-based retailers.

In the past few years Canadian retailers have come a LONG way in their plus size clothing options. I remember when I first started blogging the vast majority of my purchases were made online and I was bringing in things from all over the world. Not only were Canadian plus size retailers not making their selection available online, but in addition, they were not offering clothes I wanted to wear. Fast- forward to the last two years or so and so much has changed. Canadian retailers have done a tremendous amount of work to put themselves in a competitive position along with other retailers that exist here, and in addition, have now made their products available to residents of other countries as well.

So here it is. A post that's been on my mind for a while, and a selection of outfits that I would wear in a normal work week - with products I can say were all purchased on domestic grounds.

Outfit I: 
*Burgundy Blazer - AdditionElle
*Tile-Print Skirt - Reitmans
*Tights - The Bay
*Brogue Heels - The Shoe Company  

Outfit II: 
*White-Trimmed *Polka Navy Blazer - Laura Plus
*Blouse - AdditionElle
*Grey Straight-Leg Dress Pants - Reitmans
*Basket-Weave Boots - AdditionElle 

Outfit III: 
*Black Blazer - AdditionElle
*Colour Block Dress - Suzy Shier Plus
*Tights - The Bay
*Brogue Heels - The Shoe Company

Outfit IV: 
*Red Cheetah-Lined Blazer - Laura
*Polka Dot Blouse - Laura
*Black Straight-Leg Dress Pants - Reitmans
*Perforated Oxfords - AdditionElle



  1. At least your work outfits are decently cute! Mine are drab and terrible.
    You look great!

    Katie |

  2. Love the blue blazer.

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