Wednesday, April 8, 2015

An Indecisive Spring.

What is up with this weather? One minute its snowing and freezing rain galore and literally within a matter of hours its sweltering outside. You see people outside in short-shorts and parka's simultaneously - and who can blame them!? Its been an indecisive spring so far.

When the weather gets warmer I get excited to show off more colour in my wardrobe. It just so happens that the looming threat of exams make me want to life my spirits with the use of some colour in my wardrobe too. So what kind of outfit does this transitional period call for - monochrome with a pop of spring cheer, of course!
Necklace- Gift from the Homeland || Lips - N9 from Makeup Forever Rouge Artist
Skirt - Old Navy || Cardigan + Crop Top - Forever 21 || Boots - New Look


  1. Agreed this weather can't keep it together. None the less lighter layer, loving the look!

  2. I love love love that cardigan! And, agreed, the weather has been terrible lately.

    Katie |

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