Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Loving Autumn.

Thank GOODNESS autumn came early this year because this summer was a mess, a hot mess - literally. Last year summer went well into early October and as a person who resents hot weather (can you tell?) I was so happy when the weather started cooling down this year a week into September.

Autumn is here, and its my favourite fashion season. I love layers, and the rich jewel and earth tones and accessories. My face makeup actually stays on my face - brilliant!

I've been looking for garnet and deep red items of clothing for a while, and surprisingly, have been having a hard time. Similarly, I've been on the search for a polka dot button-down. So HOW SPLENDID that I was able to find both, at my trusty Old Navy, and put together an outfit that I only thought was possible in my dreams. <3 ______ <3

Watch - Fossil || Lipstick - Maybelline "Watermelon"

Cardigan, Button-Down + Skirt - Old Navy || Oxfords - New Look