Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Des Examens.

When exams come around theres only so much you can control. Or rather, things are so seemingly out of control with the spiraling anxiety that is exam-time, you feel that what you actually have control over is minute in comparison.

These past few weeks have been crazy. My SLR broke, for one - while trying to make a long-overdue outfit post at that. Thank goodness Nikon honoured my warranty and repaired it for free, but it was still pretty nerve-wrecking when the damage did occur. My mother has been out of the country, which doesnt matter too too much as I don't live at home anyways, but just having her that far away for whatever reason was really tough. Regardless, I've had the support of friends and other family members, and with exam-time in full gear I just want this horrible period over with.

Only a week to go!

So, as I was saying- limited control. Fashion is one of the only things you feel you have control of. Like, hey, the prof may decide to fail me but at least I looked cute?

I guess this is the product of my control.
Collar Necklace - New Look || Lips - Lip Liner in Deepest Purpose from LA Colors (not at all a deep purple)
Sorry for the crap quality on the photos below guys! It was getting dark outside so the lighting was not so great ): Boo for sunset at 4:15!!

Good luck to all of you who have exams! And those who don't - good luck hearing about it non-stop all throughout your facebook and social media feeds. (: