Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer Non-Lovin'

These past few days have been heat-wave ridden and every time I leave my house and get hit with a wall of UV rays and smothering humidity I want to curl into a refrigerator and stay there forever. But alas, I must endure, as most of us do, this sweltering heat and do so while trying to look cute.
Now I know what you're thinking with this outfit post - Sadia, why are you wearing a cardigan? In my defense, we were going to a restaurant that has AC so cold that the last time I had gone in I was bone-chilled. Thus, the choice to wear a cardigan, which in the short walk from my door to the car was a borderline death sentence.
I got straight bangs - that I keep sweeping to the side! [Peter Pan Gold Collar- New Look]
Cardigan- Old Navy || Denim Tie Shirt- Forever 21+ || Skater Skirt + Oxford Shoes - New Look