Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Since I'll be entering law school this September, I've dedicated this summer to totally revamping a huge part of my wardrobe to a more "sophisticated style". In addition, I've recently received an email from administration which lays out about five "formal" events throughout the year- each of them with a very specific dress code. ie. "black and white, formal" "business attire, casual" Either way, I've basically been freaking out and frantically been trying to gather all the necessary pieces to make my wardrobe law school ready.

That being said, lets turn our attention to a Black and White affair, set to take place in October. AND I've found the MOST perfect dresses for this event too- only one catch- they're all from Simply Be- which DOESN'T ship to Canada! Why do retailers torture us this way? ): Simply Be (which operates to serve the UK and USA) offers trendy and affordable womens clothing available online, but they have yet to do offer their services to my homeland. SADLIFE. 
Frill Trim Tunic Dress ||Frock and Frill Pleat Lace Trim Dress || Geometric Trim Column Midi Dress
For now, I'll covet Simply Be's offerings from afar and hope that somehow I'll be able to get my hands on these beauties!

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  1. I went to law school. We didn't have quite as many special events (or if they occurred, attendance wasn't required at very many). Day to day is not formal at all because if you're spending 14 hours in the library you don't want to be in anything uncomfortable. It does really suck that they won't ship those dresses. They are so nice!

    1. Really!? thats such good news! I'm all worried that people are either going to be super dressy or going to put off an image like they are- hopefully thats not the case! thanks for your ongoing support <3

    2. Maybe the first week, but people really relaxed after that (some people stopped wearing shoes!) Career Day, job interviews, and a once-per-year formal dance were the only real dress-up occasions.

  2. Saw the Frock & Frill Pleat Lace Trim Dress at Marisota (online retailer from the UK). I'm pretty sure they ship to Canada!,size:


  3. nice xx :))

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