Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Purple Maxi Project.

So, I bought a purple maxi dress from F21+ a while ago. The problem is I've had a really hard time gathering the confidence to wear it- mostly because I can't seem to put it in an outfit I can actually see myself wearing in my every day routine.
I put together this outfit. I liked it. Then I didn't. Then I did. Half my friends liked it, half my friends did not. So I'm still pretty unclear as to how much I actually liked this outfit, but I decided to post it to get your opinions.

What do you guys think?
Maxi Dress- Forever 21+ || Crop Sweater- Rainbow|| Boots- London Rebel|| Scarf-Joe Fresh



  1. I love it! I have maxi dresses and I like the knot knot at the end. Where im at I cant even find anything that fits in forever 21 plus like other people can and even rainbow. So you are very cute ! keep up the great matching.

  2. I like the knot at the end of the maxi dress, so the full-length doesn't totally eat you up! I think it would be less busy without the scarf? I've been thinking of getting a maxi dress myself, and throwing on a sweater over top never occurred to me! Overall, I love it.

  3. Im sorry too say but you look pathetic!