Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Androgyny Factor.

It's winter time. I want to be cozy. And for some reason, winter clothes made for men are far more comfy than winter clothes made for women. Like, why is flannel not a typical fabric for women's wear? FLANNEL IS THE BEST THING EVER.
Moving along, I wore this ultra cozy outfit on the day of my last exam, and decided to document it for you cook kids (: I am so happy this semester is over!

Flannel Shirt- Boathouse || Boyfriend Cardigan- Old Navy || Jeans- Forever 21|| Desert Boots- c/o Lane Bryant


  1. oh my those shoes! are lovely, where'd you find em?

  2. I really do like this look. I found you on BlogLovin' & now I'm following you. I love when a curvy girl feels confident enough to show herself & what she has to offer, THANK YOU! I'm sharing this blog with other girls who could use it. :]

    - Ahlexandria