Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jours Jaune

The days are turning colder and my life is becoming increasingly stressful as midterms seem to never come to an end. However, the end is now in sight and I'm super excited to be over and done with October and welcome November (it helps that its also the month where my birthday takes place!)

Cardigan- ASOS||Tunic- Dorothy Perkins|| Purse- Markham Fair|| Wedges- New Look


Wednesday, October 12, 2011


It's become a tradition now for me and my a pair of my closest friends to attent an annual Autumn fair in our area. Literally, we attend the fair to eat. Why is it that carnival food is the most vile yet best tasting thing on the planet? This I will never understand.
Anyways, I definitely was not ultra fancy for the occassion. After all, I have managed over the years to tread on cow poop, drop mustard all over myself and spill apple cider all over my legs. Yeah, don't ask.
ALSO, I was super excited to sport a sweater that belonged to Frantic Dreams- I stole it from her at the Big, Fat Toronto clothing swap!

Sweater- Swapped || Button-Down- New Look || Banded Skirt- Forever21 || Boots- Payless || Satchel- Markham Fair

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Print Me.

My passion for animal prints for fall has become an unhealthy obsession. Any printed item of clothing I see automatically becomes a coveted item- this is a problem people! Anyways, enough of the dramatics- fall is in full swing- and this means that this cheetah print sweater top that I picked up from Forever 21 was the perfect compromise between style and warmth- and I literally wear it at least once a week.

In other news, my long-time online store favourite New Look has failed me. I ordered a shipment about a month ago and it hasn't reached me- which is fine, I understand things go wrong, and I simply contacted them asking them to resolve the issue. BUT GUESS WHAT. I've emailed them three times, over a span of two weeks and they STILL haven't gotten back to me. This breaks my heart you guys. I've been ordering from them religiously, and they've always had amazing service and now its like...I don't know what to think anymore! Le sigh, first world problems.

Anyways- on with the outfit!
Sweater Top-Forever 21+||Skirt-Old Navy||Belt-Thrifted||Brogue Wedges-New Look