Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Garter's Manifesto.

SO, basically since the start of this school year a mere 3 weeks ago I have had no life, what so ever. Between school and copious amounts of time at work I've literally only had time to eat, and occasionally sleep. Sarah, whom I HOPE you all know from her blog at Garters and Stockings has been patiently waiting for a time where we could actually hang out. LUCKILY her patience paid off and I spent a much needed day off from the madness of my life to kick back an relax. And ofcourse- take some pictures :)

Blazer- Thrifted || Blouse- Old Navy || Jeans- Forever 21 || Oxfords- London Rebel


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Size Small.

So. I went to H&M a few days back and saw this trapeze sweater in an awesome colour. I basically tried on all the sizes and found they were too big- until I got to a small. I lol'd. I think this is the only and last time I'll ever own a size small garment. Either way, I'm so glad fall is here and the weather is warming up! Nothing makes me happier than the end of summer :)

Sweater- H&M || Skirt- Forever 21+ || Booties- Aldo || Rest- Gifts
I actually wore this sweater for the first time on my mini-Vaca to Ottawa. So, yeah. Here I am, in Ottawa.