Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Work Affair.

Since moving to my new house I've had little to no social life. Not to mention my lack of internet, which means that I've have little to no connection with "e-civilization" as well. These amongst other factors combined have made it so that I'm literally roaming around a disheveled bum 85% of the time, unpacking boxes and assembling furniture. The only time I've really made an effort to dress up, is for work- thus, a work affair.
Dress code at my work is pretty much business casual, and I have to wear black and/or white. Its honestly frustrating always trying to assemble outfits that go around this bland, dichotomous colour scheme, but I try my best :]
Shirt- New Look || Skirt- Old Navy || Flats- Naturalizer || Belt- Thrifted || Name Tag- Swag Gods.



  1. Where'd you get those tights?!

  2. I really like the shirt! It goes great with tights/leggings. You look nice!

  3. I love your work look, very cute!