Thursday, June 16, 2011

Keeping it Simple.

I went to the museum with my friends, and if you guys follow my tumblr you know that it's one of my favourite past-times in the entire universe. Before we hit up the museum we had a picnic- how ADORABLE is that? I totally felt like we were in a cheesy chickflick, it was pretty amazing. It was also super hot, so I wanted to dress weather appropriately but also comfortably (downtown=a lot of walking), and this is what I came up with! Super simple and breezy :)

Floral Vest- Thrifted || White Tunic- Old Navy || Leggings- AdditionElle

Boots- New Look UK || Bag- Aldo || Sunnies- Fossil


  1. hun I am telling you, you just make me so happy with your awesome, simple but lovely!

  2. You really should of said keeping it spectacular because you look amazing! I am in love with that cute vest on yours :)

    your style is so different, unique and vibrant!

    with love,