Monday, June 20, 2011

In A Hurry.

So, I had a really laid back time with some of my friends after work today. I literally had no time to rummage through my closet and picked up two items I had worn earlier in the week and threw them on- I know that was probably really pleasant for you to read, haha. My friends complimented me on the outfit over and over and I was totally confused because I didn't think it was all that special, but since they loved it so much I figured I would document it for you guys :)

Blouse- Swapped || Jeans- The Bay || Bag- Thrifted || Oxford's- London Rebel


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Keeping it Simple.

I went to the museum with my friends, and if you guys follow my tumblr you know that it's one of my favourite past-times in the entire universe. Before we hit up the museum we had a picnic- how ADORABLE is that? I totally felt like we were in a cheesy chickflick, it was pretty amazing. It was also super hot, so I wanted to dress weather appropriately but also comfortably (downtown=a lot of walking), and this is what I came up with! Super simple and breezy :)

Floral Vest- Thrifted || White Tunic- Old Navy || Leggings- AdditionElle

Boots- New Look UK || Bag- Aldo || Sunnies- Fossil

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Swapped Blouse.

It's about time I featured something I picked up at Toronto's Big,Fat Clothing Swap!
Its taking me a while to see how I can incorporate most of the items I picked up into my outfits because although the pieces are amazing I'm having some trouble with the sizing of some of the things I picked up. Either way, I was super excited to wear this awesome floral top out on this beautiful day. [:
Floral Top- Clothing Swap || Banded Skirt- Forever 21+ || Brogue Wedges- NewLook UK|| Belt- My Daddy's [:


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Toronto's (FIRST EVER) Big, Fat Clothing Swap.

Hey guys! So I just got back from my first ever plus size clothing swap and I honestly could not have had a better time! I got to see all these babes I've been in contact with on the internet for months IN PERSON and it was absolutely a blast! I met so many new people, and in addition, got a few pretty badass clothing items I cannot wait to post. Thanks so much to Sarah and Maxey for their hard work and dedication organizing the event!

"Tumblr Crew"

Mel (of Embody Style on Tumblr) and I

Fran of Frantic Dreams (on tumblr and blogspot) and I

Maxey of MaxeyDay (on Tumblr) and  I

Sarah of La Grande Fille (on Tumblr and Blogspot) and I