Friday, April 22, 2011

Blue Belle.

This dress is honestly the bane of my existence. I purchased it from ASOS Curve about thee months ago and it took about a month and a half to arrive. Aside from that I opened it up and found the material was super-wrinkle prone, which for a low-maintainence person like me was not a good sign.  The first time I wore it my cat decided to grab on to the bottom and ripped off a good chunk, and thats when I had to put my sketchy sewing skills to work. I love this dress, but the amount of pain it has put me through is unimaginable, haha.
Dress- ASOS Curve | Tights- The Bay | Brogue Wedges- New Look
 Hope you all have an amazing Easter Weekend! <333


  1. So pretty Sadia! The color of the dress is wonderful! Hope you have a great Easter!

  2. ooowww! showin' leg huh? lol. very cute and i love the wedges. have a great weekend!!


  3. Great post!


  4. I have that same dress and I constantly need to wash/iron it because it wrinkles so easy. I'm not sure how I feel about it either but you definitely did a good job with it. Love!

  5. I have this dress also, and was also bummed out at how wrinkled it becomes. I haven't worn it yet- scared to, I guess? But it looks fab on you. :)