Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Big-Girl Crop Top.

Crop Top- Modified F21 Top, High-Rise Denim- JAG Denim, All Black Converse Shoes

Crop Tops are super in for the spring and summer, and to be honest I didn’t think I’d be able to “participate” because… let’s just say my tummy is one of my biggest (harhar) insecurities.

So, I’ve developed some “tips” on how you can rock a crop top if you're insecure about doing so without having the “ideal body” they are typically manufactured for:
  1. Buy a loose-fitting, regular sized top and pin it to crop-top length and wear it out for a day to see if you're comfortable with the shorter length. If you are, then you can go ahead and chop off the bottom portion and create a hem and purchase crop tops in your size from then on. If you aren't totally comfortable, you can just unpin the top and wear it as normal. That's what I did with this particular top.
  2. Wear crop tops with high-waisted shorts, pants, jeans or skirts. The high waist will provide you with "problem-area" control, so you feel more secure.
  3. If high-waists are not your thing, then you can go ahead and pair your crop top with a cami underneath. A cami will smooth you out and provide you with more coverage.
  4. If you feel that crop tops shorten and widen your silhouette, wear them with a pair of casual heels or comfortable wedges to elongate your legs.
I hope these tips help!


  1. I am in need of a crop top this summer! Its a look I want to rock on a regular basis, seriously! Loooove this on you.

  2. lovin' how the crop top shows your curves. yay for curves!!! you look cute :-)


  3. This is a great idea. I love how crop tops look, but I'm pretty nervous about wearing them! I'm going to try this look out! :D