Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Striped Blazer.

Striped Blazer + Dress- Forever 21+ || Boots - Madden Girl || Tights- The Bay

Friday, April 22, 2011

Blue Belle.

This dress is honestly the bane of my existence. I purchased it from ASOS Curve about thee months ago and it took about a month and a half to arrive. Aside from that I opened it up and found the material was super-wrinkle prone, which for a low-maintainence person like me was not a good sign.  The first time I wore it my cat decided to grab on to the bottom and ripped off a good chunk, and thats when I had to put my sketchy sewing skills to work. I love this dress, but the amount of pain it has put me through is unimaginable, haha.
Dress- ASOS Curve | Tights- The Bay | Brogue Wedges- New Look
 Hope you all have an amazing Easter Weekend! <333

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bringing Military to Kensington.

My friends and I explored Toronto's Kensington Market today, which I haven't been to in ages so it was pretty awesome. If you've ever been to Kensington you know its one of Downtown's most interesting, vibrant and festive and diverse district, and literally there is no end of sights to see (and in our case, food to eat). The location is just too pretty to not take advantage of, so I had to do an outfit post! 
Blazer- Thrifted | Seethrough Tunic- H&M | Leggings- AdditionElle | Boots- The Shoe Company

Bag- Winners | Infinity Scarf - Joe Fresh | Rando Half-Gloves - Gifted


Friday, April 15, 2011

The Maxi Trend.

I'm trying my best tto work with maxi hemlines that are super popular for the spring/summer season, but I'm still having a hard time being wholly comfortable with it. I wore this outfit out for literally less than an hour, and to be honest I'm just not used to it quite yet. Practice makes perfect though right?

Maxi Dress (worn as skirt)- Forever 21+, Top- Old Navy, Scarf+Belt-Thrifted

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Big-Girl Crop Top.

Crop Top- Modified F21 Top, High-Rise Denim- JAG Denim, All Black Converse Shoes

Crop Tops are super in for the spring and summer, and to be honest I didn’t think I’d be able to “participate” because… let’s just say my tummy is one of my biggest (harhar) insecurities.

So, I’ve developed some “tips” on how you can rock a crop top if you're insecure about doing so without having the “ideal body” they are typically manufactured for:
  1. Buy a loose-fitting, regular sized top and pin it to crop-top length and wear it out for a day to see if you're comfortable with the shorter length. If you are, then you can go ahead and chop off the bottom portion and create a hem and purchase crop tops in your size from then on. If you aren't totally comfortable, you can just unpin the top and wear it as normal. That's what I did with this particular top.
  2. Wear crop tops with high-waisted shorts, pants, jeans or skirts. The high waist will provide you with "problem-area" control, so you feel more secure.
  3. If high-waists are not your thing, then you can go ahead and pair your crop top with a cami underneath. A cami will smooth you out and provide you with more coverage.
  4. If you feel that crop tops shorten and widen your silhouette, wear them with a pair of casual heels or comfortable wedges to elongate your legs.
I hope these tips help!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Smells Like Spring.

I've been super busy with exams and studying for them, so I really haven't been getting out of my house much. Yesterday I had to drop off an essay and the weather was so amazing I decided to dress for the occassion.<3
Brogue Wedges- New Look|Leggins-AdditionElle|Bandeau Skirt-F21|Floral Tank-Old Navy|Denim Top- Evans

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I figure since I've been blogging about plus size fashion for a few months now I would go ahead and create a blogger so that I could actually supplement my posts with more text. Tumblr has been ridiculously amazing, and in no way am I going to stop posting using it, but I figure this will give me a chance to weed out my "fashion"/"outfit posts" from my random anecdotes. <3

Cardigan- Forever 21+, Belt-Thrifted, Leggings- AdditionElle, Booties- Aldo