Wednesday, December 9, 2015

WorkWear: Canadian Retailer Edition

Well, hello there. Yes, its been an unfortunately long period of time since I've last posted, but I have a perfectly valid excuse called life. Between moving back to Toronto and becoming an official adult out of school-  life has been nothing short of busy. And since work is 90% of my life, and I work at a courthouse, I have to wear "office clothes" - including a blazer - every. single. day.

My new lifestyle has had me confused about how to proceed with my blog. In my semi-retired state I feel I don't have all to much to offer especially when all I really wear on a day to day basis is work clothing.

As a young professional I've been looking for office clothes that are professional but still reflect my personality and age demographic. Since starting my new job I've had a complete wardrobe overhaul and I found myself purchasing mainly from a set of stores I was surprised to be shopping from - Canadian-based retailers.

In the past few years Canadian retailers have come a LONG way in their plus size clothing options. I remember when I first started blogging the vast majority of my purchases were made online and I was bringing in things from all over the world. Not only were Canadian plus size retailers not making their selection available online, but in addition, they were not offering clothes I wanted to wear. Fast- forward to the last two years or so and so much has changed. Canadian retailers have done a tremendous amount of work to put themselves in a competitive position along with other retailers that exist here, and in addition, have now made their products available to residents of other countries as well.

So here it is. A post that's been on my mind for a while, and a selection of outfits that I would wear in a normal work week - with products I can say were all purchased on domestic grounds.

Outfit I: 
*Burgundy Blazer - AdditionElle
*Tile-Print Skirt - Reitmans
*Tights - The Bay
*Brogue Heels - The Shoe Company  

Outfit II: 
*White-Trimmed *Polka Navy Blazer - Laura Plus
*Blouse - AdditionElle
*Grey Straight-Leg Dress Pants - Reitmans
*Basket-Weave Boots - AdditionElle 

Outfit III: 
*Black Blazer - AdditionElle
*Colour Block Dress - Suzy Shier Plus
*Tights - The Bay
*Brogue Heels - The Shoe Company

Outfit IV: 
*Red Cheetah-Lined Blazer - Laura
*Polka Dot Blouse - Laura
*Black Straight-Leg Dress Pants - Reitmans
*Perforated Oxfords - AdditionElle


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

An Indecisive Spring.

What is up with this weather? One minute its snowing and freezing rain galore and literally within a matter of hours its sweltering outside. You see people outside in short-shorts and parka's simultaneously - and who can blame them!? Its been an indecisive spring so far.

When the weather gets warmer I get excited to show off more colour in my wardrobe. It just so happens that the looming threat of exams make me want to life my spirits with the use of some colour in my wardrobe too. So what kind of outfit does this transitional period call for - monochrome with a pop of spring cheer, of course!
Necklace- Gift from the Homeland || Lips - N9 from Makeup Forever Rouge Artist
Skirt - Old Navy || Cardigan + Crop Top - Forever 21 || Boots - New Look

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Boucle Blazer

Let me apologize for three months of absence from the OOTD blogosphere - COMPLETELY unacceptable in my books but truly indicative of how busy I've been. This year I decided to participate as producer for my Faculty's first-ever musical theatre show - and let me tell you that it was perhaps the most  time-consumptive, yet satisfying, endeavour in my life.

All that is over now, and its time for me to focus on my wardrobe rather than costumes for my cast! Thanks for all your patience - and standing by!

I am loving this warmer weather and I'm totally going from my bundled cocoon to wearing outfits I was excited to wear but couldn't in lieu of the super early winter. 

Lipstick - Watermelon by Maybelline || Chain - Trinket from Turkey

Blazer + T-Shirt - Old Navy || Jeans - Reitmans || Boots - Naturalizer

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sisterhood of the Traveling Dupatta

One of the main privileges that comes with blogging is making e-friends. Growing up, I always struggled to find representation out in the world of someone who looked like me - that is, a plus sized South Asian. Now, there are obviously women I'd meet in my day to day life who were South Asian and also plus sized - but I'm talking representation in the maintream or in the online blogosphere.

When I first started blogging, which is now going on 5 years which is bananas, I was pretty novel. There wasn't much out there in terms of plus sized South Asian representaton. But as my presence/time on the internet (on tumblr, in particular) grew, I became friends with many amazing South Asian babes, both plus sized and not, via the internet who I've had the pleasure of getting to know through their posts, photos and messages.

Its amazing that the internet can foster community-building in such a real way, and for me to have the ability to share my experiences and learn about others' experiences - especially others who come from backgrounds similar to mine- is truly an amazing thing.

So, with all that being said, a few months back a few of my wonderful blogger babes and I decided to start the Sisterhood of the Traveling Dupatta (obviously stealing from the wonderfully cheesy coming of age series, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants). A dupatta is essentially a scarf worn by South Asian women with their outfits or as a head-covering, which I'm sure many of you have seen at one point or another. So far, I'm the third recipient of the dupatta, and look forward to passing it along to another wonderful South Asian babe that has impacted my experience on social media.

Lips- Diva by MAC || Blush - Orange by Ben Nye
Cardigan - Forever 21+ || Skirt - New Look Inspire || Chukka Boots - Naturalizer